Professional Goochland County Interior Decorator

Lisa Marble has been in business for over 25 years. She provides a complete in-home design service, bringing thousands of drapery, fabrics, furniture, carpet and area rugs, wall coverings, lighting, and accessories directly to you. Clients love viewing all of their choices in the convenience and lighting of their own homes or offices. Even better, Lisa doesn’t charge a design fee. She works within her clients’ budgets and with their style preferences, while they pay only for the products they select.

We know every project presents its own unique set of circumstances. So we pride ourselves on working side by side with you to accomplish your design vision. We’ll discuss the specifics of your project, help determine the budget and make some preliminary design suggestions. No project is too big or too small. Depending on the size of the project, we may be able to get started with just one meeting. Our initial design consultation is always complimentary.

Best of all, we come to you in Goochland County!

“Lisa wants to make sure your home is a reflection of you; where as a lot of decorators would come in and make your home nouveau, Lisa makes your home all about you.  She takes a difficult task and makes it easy; she asks all the right questions. She would look around and use our own pieces, so it wasn’t all about “selling” but incorporating our nicer things into the final product.”

– Charles H.

Contact me today at 804-346-3573 to begin working on the home of your dreams!

Goochland County Professional Interior Decorator

Goochland County is located in the Commonwealth of Virginia with a population of 21,717. As the colonists moved into the Piedmont west of Richmond, they first developed tobacco plantations like those of the Tidewater. After the Revolution, tobacco did not yield as high profits. In Goochland, as in other areas of Virginia, many planters switched to growing wheat and mixed crops.

Goochland County Resources:

Goochland County Public Schools – The Goochland County Public School System has a specific mission of focusing efforts to meet the intellectual, personal, social, and career-preparation needs of all students.

Goochland County Historical Society – The Goochland County Historical Society presents, preserves, and protects Goochland County heritage and tradition by collecting manuscripts, artifacts, genealogical, and architectural information pertaining to Goochland, and Virginia in general.

Goochland County Chamber of Commerce – The Goochland County Chamber of Commerce provides support, leadership and enhancement to the County’s existing and potential businesses through education, networking and communications.