Read what our clients had to say…

Just wanted to say, you’ve definitely made Jeff’s house more enjoyable to live in.  It’s beautiful and more enjoyable to not only live in, but to entertain in.  Thank you so much for all you’ve done and to know I couldn’t have achieved the look with anyone else.  You’re the best!!”


“Dear Lisa,
Thank you for all your advise on fixing up my bathroom and kitchen.  I am so pleased with the way they are decorated now.  You have such a wonderful talent for creating a beautiful environment and making it seem easy.  It has been such a pleasure to know you.     Love,”


“Hi Lisa,

I wanted to write sooner but it was a whirlwind holiday. I wanted to thank you for your BIG help in transforming my home! Bill came home that night it was finished and could not stop smiling and walking around looking at every single angle of the rooms and saying….

“Wow! Look at how much better that looks!” or “I love how this looks!”

Needless to say, he was very pleased and impressed that we could pull this off “without” his input!

Thank you again for finally making me feel comfortable in my home again. When I am ready to redo our “uncluttered” bedroom, I will definitely let you know”


“Hey Lisa – The House is Awesome!

Thought I would drop you a note to say everything in the home has been so nice. It feels so nice and warm and cozy. I love coming home and cooking in my kitchen. We are also very ready for Thanksgiving now! Thank you so much for all your help and hard work! It is fabulous.”


“Hi Lisa,
Here are the preliminaries before the Architectural Digest people bring their
cameras in……..
Good Job, we like it more every day”


“Yes, Lisa, my new home is wonderful! Very comfortable to come home to. Thank you for all you did! Having a good time,”
Cordially yours


I love it! Great waking up this morning and seeing all the beauty in the daylight!
Finally, starting to feel like home. Cannot thank you enough!”


“I love how Lisa transformed my new house.  It’s beautiful, it’s me, and I feel very comfortable in it.  Working with her on it was a great experience, and I’ll be back when I am ready to tackle some smaller decorating projects.

Lisa has a very upbeat and pleasant personality.  She can find common ground with anyone.  She has become a friend over the months we have worked together.  She always wants to understand her client’s needs, wants, and tastes.  She does not push the project beyond the limits (rooms, budget) set by her client.  She also gives information in advance about what various rooms typically cost to redecorate at various levels.

Lisa recognizes what decisions are stressful for the client and helps the client work through the decision making, by breaking the task into parts and asking thoughtful questions.  For example, she helped me to rethink which older possessions I wanted to keep and which I was ready to let go.

She suggests alternative sources when she does not have an item that the client wants or needs.  She advised me on decor issues that didn’t involve my purchasing items from her (e.g., choices for new kitchen back-splash, ideal TV size for my room, and ordering a custom TV cabinet).  Lisa also suggests ways to personalize a client’s decor (e.g., displaying collections, photographs).

I feel very fortunate to have found Lisa.”

Nancy B. Glen Allen, VA

“I highly recommend working with Lisa Marble of Decorating Den Interiors. She was able to grasp my goals and decorating style and fit it all within my budget. A few projects I just wanted to “freshen-up” the rooms and she creatively was able to use the items I already had and coordinate  a few new pieces and window coverings to make the room feel brand new. She even met me at a local furniture store to help me pick out fabric for a chair I wanted to purchase. She is very creative and talented designer who was never pushy in selling products or ideals and was always respectful of my ideas. She is a very talented professional and just a nice person to work with.”

Wendy V. Midlothian, VA

“I love the feeling I get when I walk into my condo. I had old items and newly purchased items, but needed help putting everything together.

Lisa is the answer. It was such a fun, positive experience working with her. The best part is, you don’t have to leave your home.

She takes care of everything for your decorating project from start to finish.

I can’t express how simple and hassle free the entire process was.”

Nancy T. Richmond, VA


Thank you again for helping me update my home. I appreciate so much that you used my things as much as possible and love the new window treatments and upholstery. Also love the way you moved pictures around to make it all come together. My home never felt so comfortable and I am getting so many compliments.

I can’t imagine working with anyone else. My sister was spot on when she recommended you.”

Carole G. Henrico, VA


Just wanted to let you know, Don & I are very pleased with our bedroom, and very happy. It is cozy, comfortable, and colors are right. It flows from the family room to the bedroom, and from the bedroom to the bath! You achieved everything we asked you do do.”

Sue P. Glen Allen, VA

“Lisa really has an eye for color and knows color and how to make it work for you.  I was nervous , but then “wow….5 stars and then some”.  Everything looks great!  I love my new guest bath.  Love, love!”

Martha C. Henrico, VA

“Awesome!  Lisa really “got me”, my style and my lifestyle.  Her advice and insight about decorating my home helped me so much.  And, her recommendations for painters and electrician were great too.  Everything turned out more beautiful than I thought it could possibly be.  I am very happy!”

Kinan Z. Glen Allen, VA

“The experience of working with Lisa and Decorating Den Interiors is outstanding!  I just love Lisa and that she takes our opinions and our own things and uses them in the decorating plan.  She “listens” and helped us make our home a reflection of us, not her. And, Lisa did “everything “, just like she said she would.  She’s all about the details!”

Ann G. Ashland, VA

“I like the fact that Lisa uses what I already have and together we coordinate with new items to make it all come together and be pretty. She doesn’t say “get rid of it!” Lisa is not pushy and is not trying to just sell. She is truly interested in making things pretty!”

Bee H. Midlothian, VA

“I just love my new bedroom! It’s so beautiful and I can’t believe that it is mine when I walk in and look at it! Coming home to it is amazing. Lisa did a great job!”

Susan C. Midlothian, VA

“Lisa is very versatile and works within your budget. She was totally in our price range and if she wasn’t on an item, she would offer an alternative that was. I love that she can color coordinate and work with all the things I already have. She was easy and I can be difficult.”

Theresa N. Glen Allen, VA

“She has very good taste and listens very well. Working with Lisa is a good way to get exactly what you want, and she is very professional.”

Kelly F. Glen Allen, VA

“I absolutely believe the room we decorated is a reflection of me. That is one of Lisa’s strong points. She could have suggested what she thought the room should look like, but instead she listened to me and brought out my taste. Working with Lisa is very low risk; there are no fees up front and she is only compensated for what you purchase. But, I best liked her flexibility and coming to my home and presenting all of her beautiful items for my decorating project.”

Judy C. Midlothian, VA

“I am very pleased with everything Lisa did. She made decorating ‘bearable’ and now I look around and feel everything looks ‘fine and dandy’.”

Gloria W. Richmond VA

“I really like working with Lisa. She takes your ideas and turns them into a beautifully decorated room. She has all of the resources you need and can fine tune your ideas, has a great eye for color and is just a wonderful decorator and person.”

Stephanie B. Midlothian, VA.

“My favorite part of working with Lisa is how flexible she is. She always tries to get a feel for what “I” want.  I have always highly recommended her and have referred her several times.  She is easy to work with and has a great knowledge of colors and the favorite styles of the times.  Lisa is thoroughly professional and business-like and very enjoyable to work with.”

Gayle P. Chesterfield, VA

“Lisa has a very easy approach; she doesn’t push; she listens and creates a look by combining new with what you have.  She got in my “head” and made it look like I wanted, even though I didn’t know what that was. Lisa makes your house not only beautiful, but makes it as home.”

Darlene L. Glen Allen, VA

“I would say “Try working with her”; she has wonderful ideas and suggestions, never pushy and listens to what you have to say.  Lisa and I have always worked together on my decorating projects; but you could let her do it all for you and come home to a transformed home! You can leave it all to her.”

Sylvia M. Midlothian, VA

“I definitely feel Lisa understands me and my taste; and that my home is a reflection of me. Some people might believe that decorating is outrageously expensive. I have found that not to be true, and although some things may cost slightly more, you never have to replace it.”

Nancy D. Glen Allen, VA

“Lisa is fantastic at picking out beautiful things like my tapestry. She makes it easy; especially because of her experience working with the fabrics, the styles and the beautiful draperies.  I would tell others to use Lisa in a heartbeat. She doesn’t impose her style; it’s all about you and your style.”

Pat F. Glen Allen, VA

“My husband won’t let me do anything [decorating] without calling Lisa first. She helped me “get out of my box” but still kept me in my comfort zone.”

Lisa B. Glen Allen, VA

“I just love working with Lisa. She is very talented and it was a wonderful experience. On my own, I would have been over-whelmed and stressed but working with Lisa was relaxing and enjoyable. I wanted my home to be warm, comforting, and inviting; which is exactly what Lisa achieved. She exceeded my expectations, is top notch and I would recommend her to all!”

Carolyn W. Tappahannock, VA

“Lisa wants to make sure your home is a reflection of you; where as a lot of decorators would come in and make your home nouveau, Lisa makes your home all about you.  She takes a difficult task and makes it easy; she asks all the right questions. She would look around and use our own pieces, so it wasn’t all about “selling” but incorporating our nicer things into the final product.”

Charles H. Glen Allen, VA

“Lisa is very easy to talk to. The process is not intimidating and she determines what pace is best for her clients.  My husband and I like completely different styles, but we were both so comfortable choosing things with Lisa. She has a wide variety of choices that she presented to us, more than I ever imagined!”

Stephanie K. Mechanicsville, VA

“She comes to us…is my favorite part. It’s nice to be able to throw out our ideas and have someone pull it all together!”

Penny S. Mechanicsville, VA

“It turned out very nice; the final product was beautiful! Lisa took our taste and incorporated it into the things we needed and made the room more beautiful than we expected.”

Jim S. Richmond, VA

“I love everything about Lisa; her personality; she got to know my family and my pets. I had heard using a decorator might be too expensive, bit I would say No; you’d be surprised. Your gas and your time can be more expensive than you think. Lisa is not pushy and she’s real interested in how you feel. She can read my face and always seems to work with what I have.”

Kathy B. Mechanicsville, VA

“My favorite part of working with Interiors by Decorating Den is working with Lisa! It was fun and definitely a good idea to use her talents!”

Debbie A. Midlothian, VA

“Lisa helps you think about how you want your home to feel and what you hope your decorating project will accomplish. She is always so happy and positive and makes you feel good about your decorating plans.  When you think about how long you’ll want your decorating/furnishings to last, in the end, Lisa is always money well spent”

Susan A. Richmond, VA

“I best like Lisa’s appreciation for my busy work schedule and by giving her just a little information on my taste; she has the ability to turn my home into something I love.”

Kristie H. Midlothian, VA

“If you’re in need of decorating assistance, I would recommend Lisa because she listens, is sensible, and easy to deal with.”

Robert H. Glen Allen, VA

“My favorite part of working with Lisa is the convenience of having her come to my home; and knowing that getting a decorator’s opinion is a very good idea.”

Anita L. Midlothian, VA

“I love the way Lisa pulls colors together; brings everything to you and leaves with a finished, complete, installed job.”

Phyllis B. Glen Allen, VA

“Enjoyed my visit there.”

Richard H.